Kefir Grains

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✅Highest Quality: Our kefir grains are guaranteed to arrive fresh and alive

✅The Kefir Grains can be reused over and over forever. They also double in amount over one week.

✅Healthy Probiotics – We feed our kefir grains fresh milk every day. We carefully cultivate our grains to contain as many strains of healthy bacteria as possible, giving you well-balanced probiotics in every sip.

Purchase this one item and get 29-52 Points - a worth of NT$29-NT$52. Only for members.
Purchase this one item and get 29-52 Points - a worth of NT$29-NT$52. Only for members.

👨‍⚕️Introduced by Dr. Berger and Professor of National Taiwan University
Natural and delicious probiotics The Youtube video of Dr. Berg, a doctor in the United States, introduces in detail that kefir is rich in nutrients, including probiotics, calcium and protein, and encourages everyone to experience its benefits of helping digestion, smoothing bowel movements and promoting metabolism. National Taiwan University professor Lin Ching-wen even recommended Kefir in a book, calling it a gift from the gods!

From Pure Europe Kefir
originated in the Caucasus Mountains 2,000 years ago. It looks like a small white cauliflower. It is a symbiont composed of more than 30 kinds of bacteria and yeast. Local residents inadvertently fermented Kefir with milk and bacteria. Milk, and after long-term consumption, I feel that my body condition has improved. After being introduced to Europe in the 19th century, kefir has been widely loved, and now it is a nutritional drink that is commonly used in every family. Our high-quality strains come from Germany.

Unlike yogurt powder, which requires continuous purchase. Kefir strains only need to be bought once and can be reused over and over again. It will be longer and more, allowing you to share it with more family and friends, super saving money

🌿 Sugar Free|No Additives
Compared with the yogurt on the market with a lot of sugar, spices and additives, homemade kefir ingredients are simple and sugar-free, and will not cause additional burden on the body.

✋ Simple and easy to make|Room temperature fermentation
The best part is that kefir milk is easy to make and can be fermented at room temperature, no yogurt machine is needed, almost everyone can make it at home!

🧐Free after-sales teaching and replacement
The package comes with a bacteria culture guide. If you have any questions about culture after purchase, you are welcome to ask questions. If the kefir bacteria dies unfortunately within 30 days, please provide a photo, and we will send you a set for free (shipping fee paid by yourself). High temperatures above 35°C will kill them. Please do not put the bacteria into heating appliances such as yogurt machines, electric pans, and ovens. If you killed the bacteria because of improper operation, please forgive us that we can no longer provide bacteria for free.

🐑🐮🐐🐄🌱All kinds of milk can be used
Kefir can ferment all kinds of milk, including cow’s milk, goat’s milk, soy milk, coconut milk and so on.

👀Limited to regulations, more benefits cannot be introduced, please refer to the following information:
▸Dr. Berger’s youtube video ▸The best probiotic is not yogurt
▸Gift of the Immortals Kefer ▸Written by Professor Lin Ching-wen of National Taiwan University
▸Fermentation Culture: How Ancient Fermented Foods Feed Human Microorganisms ▸Written by Catherine . Corey’s
▸Natural Fermentation Laboratory ▸Written by Gianna Chris Caldwell

❗Special statement
▸People with milk allergies are not suitable for drinking
▸This product does not apply to the 7-day appreciation period
▸Kefir milk is not a medicine, and those who are sick should seek medical treatment first.
▸Do not let the kefir bacteria come into contact with tap water or unclean utensils
▸If any accident occurs during transportation, which causes your package to be damaged (whey protein leakage is not counted), please contact customer service, we’ll make a new one for you
▸Please start with 50ml for the first time drinking, and then slowly increase the drinking amount after the stomach adapts.
▸Buyers who want to try the taste of kefir milk first, and then decide whether to buy strains, the store also sells fresh milk and soy milk kefir that can be drunk directly.

Shipping options



----------運送方式 -僅限台灣本島,外島請私訊------------

1️⃣新竹物流 冷藏宅配|訂單滿$899免運 (原價$150)

  • 3個工作天內出貨(不包含假日與國定假日)。
  • 不能指定到達日期與時間結帳頁面的預計到貨日期,僅表示9成貨品將於此日送達。但偶爾物流公司可能因為某些因素(如:連假爆量或是家裡剛好沒人等),導致實際抵達日與預估到貨日不同。如需指定日期,請選擇自費黑貓服務
  • 若當天無人收件,隔日會再次派送。
  • 國定/連續假日不營業,如有需求,請自費選擇黑貓

2️⃣黑貓冷藏宅即便 |自NT$160-225元不適用$899免運

  • 3個工作天內出貨(不包含假日與國定假日)。
  • 可指定到貨時間(下午1點前或是下午2-6點送貨)。司機會盡量配合,但不能保證喔。
  • 若要指定到達日,務必提前2日預訂
  • 週日不收送貨。
  • 國定/連續假日黑貓會送貨,但無法指定到貨日期與時間,也無法保證隔日到達。

3️⃣ 7-11超商冷藏取貨=黑貓冷藏宅轉店 NT$160-225元

  • 運送方式請選擇【黑貓冷藏宅配】,不是超商取貨!並於附註填寫收貨的7-11地址與店名。
  • 包裹到達門市後,就會發送取件簡訊,提供門市地址、包裹單號、應付款項等資訊,就可以去取件囉。
  • 另須支付【轉店處理費】,目前尚於推廣期間免收。但推廣期限何時結束與未來手續費金額請依黑貓宅急便公告活動為主。
  • 請於4天內領取。因宅轉店為黑貓司機與收件人之間的服務,若發生包裹遺失,或是因收件者未在時效內取貨,而導致退貨情況產生,東歐嚴選不會再提供2次重新寄送服務
  • 最便宜$60,但最容易出現液體外漏情況。
  • 在寄出固體菌種時,我們會另外在玻璃瓶加入液體的牛奶,這是因為菌種在路上會肚子餓要喝牛奶。而經過室溫運送過程後,牛奶被菌寶寶吃完了,變成透明液體(乳清蛋白),而發酵過程又會產生二氧化碳,讓此液體被推出瓶外。
  • 所以超商常溫取貨的買家,可能會發現外漏,這是正常的喔!漏出來的只是菌種吃剩的食物,固體菌種不會漏出來的。
  • 而且,我們在密閉的玻璃瓶外,會特別加上一層乾淨密封袋保護,這樣即使漏出,也能保持瓶內的菌種乾乾淨淨。
  • 如果你很在意外漏,請勿選擇此選項喔。
  • 請於抵達門市48小時內取貨,以免菌寶寶肚子太餓喔
  • 收到貨也請盡快進行發酵,不然就要立即冷藏
  • 廠商名稱:博飛運動彩券行
  • 店面地點:台北市中山區長春路258巷26之3號
  • 營業時間:12PM-8PM
  • 每日新鮮現貨,售完為止




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  2. Kefir baby很健康,我第一次做就成功了,現在已經繁殖了好多

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  5. 包裝超用心,如果能提供取出克菲爾菌的影片,做起來就更安心踏實。

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