Cow’s milk Kefir – Original

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✅ Each bottle contains 13 billion probiotics
✅ Passed the inspection by Taiwan SGS
✅ Beyond the national standard of CNS3058 fermented milk
✅ 100% fresh milk fermented with live kefir grains
✅No added sugar, flavors, preservatives and artificial additives.

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👨‍⚕️Introduced by Dr. Berger and Professor of National Taiwan University
Natural and delicious probiotics The Youtube video of Dr. Berg, a doctor in the United States, introduces in detail that kefir is rich in nutrients, including probiotics, calcium and protein, and encourages everyone to experience its benefits of helping digestion, smoothing bowel movements and promoting metabolism. National Taiwan University professor Lin Ching-wen even recommended Kefir in a book, calling it a gift from the gods!

🎁From Pure Europe Kefir
originated in the Caucasus Mountains 2,000 years ago. It looks like a small white cauliflower. It is a symbiont composed of more than 30 kinds of bacteria and yeast. Local residents inadvertently fermented Kefir with milk and bacteria. Milk, and after long-term consumption, I feel that my body condition has improved. After being introduced to Europe in the 19th century, kefir has been widely loved, and now it is a nutritional drink that is commonly used in every family. Our high-quality strains come from Germany.

🐄 Drinkable probiotics
Kefir is fermented by adding kefir bacteria to 100% fresh milk. It tastes like sugar-free Greek yogurt, slightly sour and bubbly, with very little sugar and a large number and strains of probiotics. , can change the bacterial ecology, help digestion and smooth defecation. Add kefir to your daily diet or replace a midnight snack for an easy way to get a delicious dose of probiotics.

🏆 Beyond national standards
With SGS food certification, you and your family can eat it with confidence. Our kefir milk contains up to 2.6 billion active lactic acid bacteria per 100 grams, which is higher than most yogurts on the market.

🌿Simple ingredients|Sugar-free|No additives
Compared with the yogurt on the market that has added sugar and spices, original kefir does not add sugar, spices, preservatives and artificial additives, and does not cause additional burden on the body.

🍴Handmade products developed by European chef
Chef Nik, the founder of Selected Eastern Europe, is from Europe – Croatia. He graduated from the French Le Cordon Bleu School and worked as a chef in a Michelin kitchen. After settling in Taiwan, he transformed the past emphasis on exquisite French cuisine into pure and natural hand-made food. Using live kefir bacteria originating from Germany, paired with Taiwan’s conscience Yimei fresh milk, nutritious and delicious kefir milk is freshly hand-made every day.

😋How to drink
✓A nutritious and low-calorie afternoon tea snack that can be consumed directly to make you feel full and can also supplement probiotics!
✓Add high-quality protein to breakfast and taste great with oatmeal crisps
✓You can also combine kefir with fruits and vegetables to make a fruit smoothie or green latte

😤👃 Special smell
Fermented foods generally have a special smell, such as kimchi and natto. For some people, kefir is sour, smelly and has bubbles, and tastes like spoiled milk. People who are sensitive to odors should evaluate themselves.

👀Limited to regulations, more benefits cannot be introduced, please refer to the following information:
▸Dr. Berger’s youtube video ▸The best probiotic is not yogurt
▸Gift of the Immortals Kefer ▸Written by Professor Lin Ching-wen of National Taiwan University
▸Fermentation Culture: How Ancient Fermented Foods Feed Human Microorganisms ▸Written by Catherine . Corey’s
▸Natural Fermentation Laboratory ▸Written by Gianna Chris Caldwell

❗Special statement
▸Allergen Information: This product contains milk.People with milk allergies are not suitable for drinking
▸This product does not apply to the 7-day appreciation period
▸Kids above 1 year old and pregnant women can also drink kefir
▸ Before eating, please shake the bottle to mix jam and kefir milk, and slowly open it to release the bubbles slowly. Do not open it immediately, which may cause the drink to overflow.
▸Kefir milk is not a medicine, and those who are sick should seek medical treatment first.
▸Please start with 50ml for the first time drinking, and then slowly increase the drinking amount after the stomach adapts.
▸Kefir milk is made with live bacteria. It will continue to ferment during refrigeration, converting lactose into lactic acid. Therefore, the longer it is kept, the more sour the taste, the more bubbles, and the easier it is to spray the bottle.
▸This product does not add water. When you receive the product, if it becomes lumpy and the body of the bottle is slightly swollen (because the bacteria are still working hard to ferment in the bottle), it is normal. Please eat it with peace of mind. If there is liquid stratification, please shake the bottle before consumption, and open it slowly to release the air bubbles slowly. Do not open it immediately, which may cause the drink to overflow.
▸There is no added sugar in this product. The sugar in the product is the natural lactose in milk.


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66 reviews for Cow’s milk Kefir – Original

Based on 66 reviews

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拿到的商品數量正確包裝也很好。因為前幾個禮拜才訂購過別家的克菲爾優格, 覺得這次的口味自己比較能接受,又加上有多件和免運優惠,覺得很開心~

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拿到的商品數量正確包裝也很好。因為前幾個禮拜才訂購過別家的克菲爾優格, 覺得這次的口味自己比較能接受,又加上有多件和免運優惠,覺得很開心~

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Image #1 from nlu8_9rjol
Image #2 from nlu8_9rjol
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