10 things you need to know about Kefir

1. What is kefir exactly?

Kefir is made from cultured, fermented whole milk, much like yogurt.

Kefir differs from yogurt in that it has a thinner consistency, making it more of a fermented drink than something to be eaten with a spoon.

Although both kefir and yogurt are excellent sources of gut-friendly probiotics, kefir contains up to way more times the amount of probiotics as yogurt.

Unlike kombucha, another popular fermented drink, kefir doesn’t contain caffeine because it isn’t made from tea(but it does have protein, calcium, and vitamin D associated with dairy products). 

2. Health benefits

  • Adjust physical fitness: Kefir milk is rich in vitamins and probiotics, which can regulate physiological functions.
  • Bone health. Like other dairy products, kefir is rich in calcium.
  • Digestion. The science is clear: consuming probiotic foods such as kefir can significantly help digestion and change the ecology of the bacterial flora, making bowel movements smoother.
  • Help to fall asleep: A good night’s sleep will make you energetic and energetic the next day.
  • Skin health. Supplement nutrition and make you youthful and beautiful.

For more benefits, please refer to following books ❤️
1. Gift of the Immortals Kefer ▸Writing by Professor Lin Ching-wen of National Taiwan University
2. Fermentation Culture: How Ancient Fermented Foods Feed Human Microorganisms ▸Catherine . Corey’s writings
Natural Fermentation Laboratory ▸Writings of Gianna Chris Caldwell
4. Dr. Berg 


3. Kefir clearly packs a probiotic punch, but is it safe for everyone to consume?

Kefir is safe to drink for many people, including those who suffer from lactose allergies may be okay too. lactose maldigestion. The American Pregnancy Association also recommends kefir as a safe and healthy source of probiotics for women who are pregnant.

4. How much kefir can I drink?

  • It is the first time to try kefir milk, it is recommended to start with 50ml. After 3 hours, if there is no serious discomfort, you can drink another 100ml.
  • You can drink 1 bottle (about 240cc) at a time from the next day. If it is used as a meal replacement, you can drink 500ml.
  • It is recommended to drink in small quantities on an empty stomach, such as before meals or before going to bed.
  • If you have a sensitive stomach, please take it after meals. And please consult your physician or nutritionist first.

5. What the difference between kefir and yogurt?

  • Kefir contains more probiotics than yogurt, and it can protect women better.
  • Kefir is made with fresh milk instead of powdered milk, so the taste and nutritional value are even better.
  • Original kefir milk has no added sugar, thickeners, artificial flavors and additives.
  • Please go to Youtube-American doctor Dr. Berg video: Taking probiotics, kefir is better.

6. What is the difference between kefir grains and powdered kefir starter culture? 

There are three primary differences between milk kefir grains and powdered kefir starter:

  • Milk kefir grains have a way larger number of probiotics than the powdered starter culture.
  • With proper care, kefir grains can be used indefinitely to make kefir. Powdered starter culture can be used only once.
  • Powdered kefir starter culture has a smaller initial investment cost than do kefir grains; however, you will need to continue to purchase new culture if you wish to make kefir beyond a few batches. 

7. How Long Does Kefir Last and How To Tell If It’s Bad?

  • Keep refrigerated in the refrigerator below 4°C, leave in the refrigerator for no more than 2 hours, kefir milk is valid for about 3 weeks. Do not freeze, do not heat in microwave/steamer.
  • After opening the bottle, if you do not want to drink it all, do not directly touch the mouth of the bottle with your mouth, as it will cause bacterial contamination. Please pour the milk into a cup for drinking. Close the cap of the remaining milk gram, put it back in the refrigerator, and drink it within 7 days as soon as possible. Fruit-flavored kefir milk, after shaking to mix, please drink it up on the same day.
  • Even in a refrigerated state, kefir milk will continue to ferment, and the bacteria will continue to convert lactose into lactic acid, so the taste will be more sour and the bubbles will be more, so it is called milk champagne. Those who prefer a mild taste, it is recommended to drink it within 1 week of the manufacturing date. After 3 weeks, the lactose in the bottle will be consumed and the taste will be very sour. It is not recommended to eat it.
  • Clumping or liquid separation is normal, shake well before drinking.
  • If the kefir changes color, such as pink or blue, it means that a large number of bad bacteria have invaded, please throw it away immediately.

8. Can kefir help with sleeping issues?

Kefir might promote better sleep. 
Watch Dr Berg youtube video to learn more about kefir Take 1/2 Cup of This Before Bed

9. Does kefir contain alcohol? 

Yes, kefir contains a very small amount of alcohol, about 0.08% (after 24 hours of fermentation).
In our lives, there are not a few foods that contain natural alcohol. Ripe fruit, bananas with black spots (0.05%), natural yeast bread (0.03%-1.2%)
According to the definition of the US CDC, the alcohol content exceeds 0.5%, which is an alcoholic drink, while kefir is a non-alcoholic drink, and the public can buy it in supermarkets. Professor Lin Ching-wen of National Taiwan University – Kefir, a gift from the gods – also mentions in the book that both pregnant women and young children can safely eat kefir.
If you are still a little worried, it is recommended to drink it while it is fresh and pay attention to the storage temperature. Because the longer the kefir is kept, the stronger the alcohol taste may be.
Finally, everyone’s physical condition is different. If you have any questions, please consult your doctor or nutritionist.

The above information comes from 1. The Book of the Immortal Gift Kefer
2. Common Foods With Hidden Alcohol: Are They Safe For Pregnancy?

10. Looking for more ways to incorporate kefir into your diet?

Kefir milk can also be made into smoothies, energy soups and ice cream.
Our favorite way to drink it is to make a smoothie of original kefir milk + nut butter + honey + banana, and drink it after exercise, so that people can quickly replenish protein and restore vitality.
Another delicious way is to top kefir milk with granola for a nutritious afternoon tea.
Some people use kefir milk as a salad dressing, saying goodbye to greasy mayonnaise or Thousand Island dressing, making salads truly healthy and zero-burden. For more practical methods, please refer to our kefir milk recipes.
Finally, did you know that kefir milk can also be made into yogurt ice cream? We are working on a guilt-free milk gram ice cream that is suitable for all ages, so stay tuned!


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