Can I warm up kefir?

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The weather is getting colder, and many people don’t like drinking cold drinks in the cold weather, so they have come to us for help.

In fact, the best way to store kefir milk is to refrigerate it, and the refrigerator temperature should be kept at about 4 degrees Celsius. On the one hand, low temperature can slow down the growth of harmful microorganisms and extend the shelf life of kefir milk; on the other hand, low temperature can ensure that the probiotics in kefir milk can maintain activity and freshness to ensure its nutritional value.

Probiotics will be killed at high temperatures. In addition, excessive heating will change the taste of milk, so do not use machines, such as microwave ovens, electric pots and other appliances to heat it.

Here are two methods to warm up safely.

1. Warm up at room temperature: Pour out the kefir milk you want to drink, place it at room temperature, and let it warm up naturally. Please be careful not to leave it for more than 2 hours to avoid contamination by bad bacteria.

2. Heating over water: Put the glass cup containing kefir milk into a large bowl filled with hot water, and let the kefir in the cup warm slowly for up to 5 minutes. Please note that the hot water in the bowl cannot be higher than the mouth of the glass to prevent the hot water from flowing into the milk.

Now you can enjoy kefir with peace of mind even if the weather is very cold.

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