When is the best time of day to drink kefir and why?

This is a question we keep getting from time to time. Now, we have got the complete detailed explanation and answer for everyone, who is interested!

How often should you drink kefir?

Kefir can be a healthy and delicious addition to a well-rounded diet. For best results, stick to around 1–3 cups (237–710 mL) per day and pair it with a variety of other fermented foods and beverages to increase your intake of probiotics.



How long does it take for kefir to start working?

The effects of kefir are not always immediate, and drinking one glass of kefir will not solve your problems. Studies show that kefir can improve health when people drink it regularly (usually daily for 2–4 weeks).

Does kefir have side efects?

Kefir can cause side effects like bloating, nausea, intestinal cramping, and constipation, especially when first started. These side effects usually stop with continued use. This effect is called a healing crisis.

Does kefir make you poop?

Kefir is a fermented milk beverage that contains probiotics, a form of healthy gut bacteria that may help alleviate constipation. Probiotics have been shown to increase stool frequency, improve stool consistency, and help reduce intestinal transit time to speed bowel movements.

How long does it take kefir to heal gut?

The short answer: It takes most people 2 to 3 weeks to feel significant benefits when they start taking probiotics. That’s because probiotics need time to accomplish their three key goals: increase your good bacteria count, decrease your bad bacteria count, and reduce inflammation.

Is kefir better than yogurt?

The biggest nutritional difference between the two is that kefir contains more probiotics than yogurt. While yogurt also contains some probiotics, kefir is more potent. If you are looking to improve digestion or gut health, kefir is the better choice.

Benefits of drinking kefir in the morning

  1. Tones up the nervous system.
  2. Wakes up an appetite.
  3. Normalizes metabolism.
  4. Accelerates the gastrointestinal tract.
  5. Relieves from a hangover and thirst.

Benefits of drinking kefir before bedtime

  1. Restores intestinal microflora. During sleep, when food does not enter the intestines for a long time, probiotics from kefir can have better efficiency. 
  2. At night, kefir gently cleanses the digestive system from toxins. After drinking kefir at night, in the morning you can easily go to the toilet.
  3. Drinking kefir at night can improve sleep and cheer you up. Kefir milk proteins are an excellent source of the tryptophan amino acid, which body converts into the neurotransmitter serotonin, which improves our mood. If you use kefir daily, you can reduce irritability, and get rid of sadness.
  4. Interrupts the appetite in the evening. This is important for weight loss because the habit of a large dinner leads to excess weight.
  5. At night, when we relax, our body better absorbs calcium, which is rich in kefir.

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