Five Secrets About Water Kefir

In the hot summer, many Taiwanese people are accustomed to buying hand drinks or carbonated drinks from convenience stores to quench their thirst. However, in a society that pays increasing attention to diet and nutrition, more and more people abroad choose to drink kefir instead of sugary drinks. There is no much info about water kefir in Taiwan, so I would like to introduce it to you.

1. Rich in probiotics and vitamins:
Probiotics can help digestion and smooth bowel movements. It also contains vitamin B and other vitamins and minerals, allowing modern people to easily strengthen their physical strength and replenish nutrients.

2. Natural refreshing drink:
Water kefir is a naturally fermented drink. It is fermented from simple raw materials and produces natural bubbles and vitamin B. It does not have the high sugar content and chemical additives of carbonated soda on the market, making it more refreshing and burden-free. . Let you start from the tip of your tongue to help you cheer up in the sleepy afternoon.

3.Suitable for all ages:
Water kefir is made by boiling pure water and dried flowers. It does not contain caffeine and lactose. It is suitable for people over one year old who have no special dietary restrictions and who cannot drink milk/kefir milk and other dairy products. You can drink it all.

4. Celebrities love it too:
Hong Kong star Sammi Cheng likes fitness and a balanced diet. She once strongly recommended water kefir on Instagram, saying it was one of her secrets for maintaining body shape and beauty.

5. The difference between water kefir and kombucha:
Recently, kombucha has become more and more popular in Taiwan. Here is a comparison table between the two so that everyone can quickly distinguish the benefits of the two.



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